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Fort Lauderdale Estate & Trust Litigation Lawyer Mark R. Manceri WITHDREW as counsel for Bernstein Family Realty (Janet Craig Oppenheimer), Donald Tescher, and Robert Spallina. Did Mark Manceri REPORT any Fraud, Corruption, Forgery, Collusion, or other Crimes he knew about to the Authorities or the Courts? Or did Mark R. Manceri of Fort Lauderdale simply Withdraw and NOT report Known Fraud on the Courts?

Mark R. Manceri of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and the Simon Bernstein Estate Case

January 10th 2014 shows Mark Manceri filing a motion to withdraw as counsel for Bernstein Family Realty (Janet Craig Oppenheimer) Donald Tescher, and Robert Spallina.

It was clear at that time that there was massive fraud and there were real victims of that fraud. So did Mark Manceri report the KNOWN fraud?

Mr Manceri as he likes to be called and not MARK as that is NOT professional, well it sure seems to me that Mark Manceri has not acted professionally and reported KNOWN fraud.

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more on this Story at

Mark Manceri. Florida Bar Number: 964980. 615 Northeast Third Avenue.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304.

Fort Lauderdale Estate & Trust Litigation Lawyer
Mark R. Manceri  Fort Lauderdale Probate Litigation Lawyer 

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Iviewit Inventor Eliot Bernstein Interview with Disbar the Florida Bar ~ Les Winston The Biz 880am regarding Trillion Dollar Fed RICO Lawsuit against Florida Bar, FL Supreme Court & Justice Jorge Labarga

Iviewit Stolen Technology

Disbar the Florida Bar Radio Host Les Winston interviews Iviewit Technologies Inventor Eliot Ivan Bernstein regarding illegal activities at the Florida Supreme Court, Florida Bar & Judge Jorge Labarga involving Proskauer Rose & Foley &; Lardner firm

June 21, 2010 ( - LISTEN TO INTERVIEW @ or
World-renowned Inventor of Digital Video & Imaging Mathematical Scaling Formulas, Eliot Bernstein discusses with radio talk show host Les Winston of Disbar the Florida Bar his Trillion Dollar Federal RICO & ANTITRUST Lawsuit, naming the Florida Bar, Florida Supreme Court & Labarga as Defendants. The suit marked "legally" related by Judge Shira Scheindlin to a NY Whistleblower suit filed by a Supreme Court of NY Staff Attorney, Christine C. Anderson, Esq. Bernstein's Amended Complaint @

Anderson alleges the NY Attorney Disciplinary Dept, responsible for the oversight of WallStreet lawyers, has been whitewashing and cleaning disciplinary complaints against attorneys, including US Attorney's, DA's & ADA's. Anderson named a "Cleaner" from the Ethics Dept of the NY Supreme Court, Naomi Goldstein, supervisor at the NY Supreme Court Appellate Division First Department Departmental Disciplinary Committee. No wonder WallStreet melted down & attorney regulators go unpunished for failures after causing massive damage to the American People, only to then leave government positions for cushy law firm partnerships. Anderson claimed staff attorney, Nicole Corrado Esq., on her way to testify at deposition supporting Anderson's suit was threatened & intimated by a Sr. Court Official regarding giving testimony, creating Federal Obstruction of Justice, Witness Tampering & more by Court Officials.
Bernstein suing the FL & NY Supreme Courts, State Bars & Disciplinary Agencies, claims conflicted members of the courts, partners from Proskauer Rose LLP law firm, the main conspirator in Bernstein's case along with law firm Foley & Lardner, illegally handled complaints against partners while holding official title with the courts & disciplinary agencies. In NY, Bernstein's allegations led to unanimous consent of 5 justice of the NY Supreme Court to have former NY State Bar Association President, Steven Krane, a Proskauer partner, ordered for investigation for conflicts & the appearance of impropriety.

Proskauer's Kenneth Rubenstein, the sole (soulless) patent evaluator for MPEGLA LLC, ordered for investigation along with attorney Raymond Joao, who claims to have put 90+ patents into his own name. Bernstein claims patents filed by Joao were during & after the time Iviewit retained Joao to patent inventions for Bernstein, Joao patented them for himself instead. After termination as Iviewit counsel, Joao worked for infamous convicted felon Marc S. Dreier, sentenced July 13, 2009, to 20 years in prison. Thomas Cahill, former Chief Counsel of the First Dept whom Anderson alleges to be the ringleader at the First Dept, ordered for Special Inquiry. Cahill's investigation relates to Krane's conflicts & Cahill's role in aiding and abetting the RICO Criminal Enterprise, which Bernstein claims is composed mainly of corrupt mob type law firms. Anderson under oath in Scheindlin's US Fed Court stated "Cleaner" Goldstein was cleaning complaints against "favored law firms and lawyers".

NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo fingered by Anderson & Bernstein for illegal representation of the accused NY State Officials in violation of his public office duties. Cuomo represents the State Officials both professionally & personally on the broke NY State taxpayers' dime and Bernstein alleges the NY Attorney General is guilty of Felony Title 18 Obstruction of Justice. Obstruction caused by Cuomo's conflicting his offices with scienter from investigating the accused State Defendants they represent while simultaneously failing to call in a non-conflicted investigator to investigate the Defendants on behalf of the People of NY.

Cuomo is duty bound by Public Officer Law 17(2)(b), which dictates the Attorney General not represent State Defendants when conflict with their offices exist. Yet Cuomo not only represents the State Defendants when conflict exists in both Bernstein and Anderson's lawsuit but has failed to call in any outside investigator to investigate the State Defendants, his clients, creating a block to prosecution & obstructing justice. Cuomo, Eliot Spitzer & the NY Attorney General's office are Defendants in Bernstein's suit. The fact they are Defendants makes the continued representation of the State Defendants by the Attorney General's office bizarre and further illegal. Bernstein filed criminal complaints with the Department of Justice Inspector General Glenn Fine, the US Attorney General Eric Holder & others regarding the criminal activities of both the NY and FL Officials.

Bernstein is the inventor of digital imaging & video technologies that revolutionized the Internet, Television & Digital Imaging, the technologies valued over a Trillion Dollars over the 20 yr patent life. Bernstein's patents are currently on Suspension with the US Patent & Trademark Office by the Commissioner of Patents while the Office of Enrollment & Discipline (OED) Director at the US Patent Office, the Federal Patent Bar, investigates Bernstein's attorneys for crimes including Fraud Upon the US Patent & Trademark Office.  Bernstein claims Federal Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Stephen Lucchesi claimed to be working with Harry I. Moatz, Director of the OED investigating allegations of crimes against the US & more, Bernstein claims Moatz confirmed collaboration with the FBI.

Bernstein calls for the end of attorney self regulation & self discipline by their peers, which has obviously failed, in favor of charging attorneys with criminal acts to criminal prosecutors, warning that victims of attorneys, judges and prosecutors who file with attorney run state attorney regulators are doing themselves a disfavor. Bernstein claims the attorneys gain advantage through using the state disciplinary agencies, defending themselves in conflict and gaining confidential information against them, while feathering their caps with conflicted decisions on Supreme Court letterhead. Bernstein along with Anderson, testified before the NY Senate Judiciary Committee in NY @
&  Chaired by Hon. Senator John Sampson, the hearings to investigate allegations of corruption in the NY Supreme Court Appellate Divisions. Hearings remain ongoing & claims made by NY Senators attending to begin a Task Force to investigate victims' claims of legal process abuse.

According to Bernstein, one look only at the recent plethora of criminal activity in the stock market & Ponzi schemes to see that all of these schemes are run by law firms. Bernstein claims the Ponzis are illegal money laundering operations for monies illegally obtained by the law firms Criminal RICO Enterprise activities. Bernstein points to recent schemes such as Bernard Madoff, former "Sir" Allen Stanford, Marc S. Dreier & Greenberg Traurig's involvement directly in a Ponzi, as evidence that lawyers are behind the schemes & directly involved in intentionally creating subterfuge of the regulatory agencies that could have prevented these schemes. Greenberg, recall was central to Abramoff's fraud and linked to the Stanford Regulatory Failures.

Other Defendants, reported to the SEC for alleged Shareholder Frauds relating to the Iviewit RICO & ANTITRUST include Time Warner (NYSE: TWX), Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., AOL Inc. (NYSE: AOL), Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC), Silicon Graphics, Inc. (delisted NYSE: SGI) & successor Silicon Graphics International (NASDAQ: SGI), Sony Corporation (NYSE/ADR: SNE) , Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE: LMT), Ernst & Young Global Limited @



Information regarding these Ponzi schemes and the relation to the
Iviewit crimes @

Information regarding Greenberg Traurig's involvement in a recent Ponzi, "The American Lawyer is reporting today, May 13, 2010, that the law firm of Greenberg Traurig has been sued for its willful participation in and facilitation of what it knew to be an illegal Ponzi scheme" @  Greenberg represents in conflict the Florida Bar and Florida Supreme Court Defendants in Bernstein's Trillion Dollar RICO and ANTITRUST lawsuit, as Greenberg was retained patent counsel by Bernstein & therefore acts wholly in violation of law representing Defendants in the matter.

Information re the Bernard Madoff, Stanford & Dreier connections to Defendant Proskauer @
o  "Proskauer Rose and Partner Thomas Sjoblom Further Implicated in the Allen Stanford Ponzi Scheme, Failures of SEC in Stanford Cited Further Supporting Iviewit & Eliot Bernstein's Federal Trillion Dollar Lawsuit Claims"

o  "Proskauer (Porksour) Rose Law Firm Going Down in Allen Stanford Ponzi, next the trail of money may lead to Iviewit Inventor Eliot Bernstein's stolen Trillion Dollar Patents" "Florida Bar Under Fire for Lack of Regulation in Robert Allen Stanford & Scott Rothstein Ponzi scheme, Kenneth Marvin defendant in Iviewit Multi Trillion Dollar Lawsuit". After reading the article, one wonders if the Florida Bar reported this liability in the Iviewit Multi Trillion Dollar Federal Lawsuit to State Auditors?

The legally related cases to Anderson are @

Cases @ New York Second Circuit

1. 08-4873-cv United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit Docket - Bernstein, et al. v Appellate Division First Department Disciplinary Committee, et al. - TRILLION DOLLAR LAWSUIT

2. Capogrosso v New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, et al.

3. Esposito v The State of New York, et al.

4. McKeown v The State of New York, et al.

Related Cases @ US District Court - Southern District NY

5. 07cv09599 Anderson v The State of New York, et al. - WHISTLEBLOWER LAWSUIT which other cases have been marked legally "related" to by Fed. Judge Shira A. Scheindlin @

6. 07cv11196 Bernstein, et al. v Appellate Division First Department Disciplinary Committee, et al. @

8. 08cv00526 Capogrosso v New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct, et al.,
9. 08cv02391 McKeown v The State of New York, et al. @

10. 08cv02852 Galison v The State of New York, et al.,

14. 08 cv 6368 John L. Petrec-Tolino v. The State of New York

15. 06cv05169 McNamara v The State of New York, et al
Eliot I. Bernstein
Iviewit Holdings, Inc. - DL
Iviewit Holdings, Inc. - DL
Iviewit Holdings, Inc. - FL
Iviewit Technologies, Inc. - DL
Uviewit Holdings, Inc. - DL, Inc. - DL, Inc. - FL, Inc. - DL
I.C., Inc. - FL LLC - DL
Iviewit LLC - DL
Iviewit Corporation - FL
Iviewit, Inc. - FL
Iviewit, Inc. - DL
Iviewit Corporation


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Whiny Ass Copyright Porn Thug Evil Lawyer , Marc Randazza, uses DMCA, yet another in a long line of Speech Chilling Tactics, to attempt to SUPPRESS online speech that does not flatter him.

Porn Attorney Marc Randazza has used the U.S Federal Courts, Corrupt Judges, WIPO contacts, Trademark officials, Corrupt attorneys, Judges and more in order to SUPPRESS the Free Speech of anyone who speaks unkindly of him or his slut wife, Jennifer Randazza of whom he is allegedly fake divorcing to avoid massive claims against him.

Marc Randazza, self proclaimed Free Speech advocate, yet NOT has also used the Nevada State Courts, Clark County Courts, and the United States Bankruptcy Courts, Marc Randazza Bankruptcy to Suppress Free Speech. Marc Randazza sued me Crystal Cox and shut down massive websites and flat out stole the domain names, through an unconstitutional TRO, of which 3 years later he still CONTROLS my Domain names FROZEN in time through what I call Bankruptcy Court Corruption, Fraud on the Courts and flat out unethical Evil Doings.

Marc Randazza has friends at wordpress and they simply deleted my blogs about him for him. No due process what so ever.

Attorney Marc Randazza lied under oath to the Ninth Circuit Court, Nevada state and Federal Courts, Oregon courts and more about me and other investigative bloggers exposing him such as Monica Foster aKa Alexandra Mayers

Attorney Marc Randazza seems to use every angle to get courts to shut down websites. He shut down my google blogs via an insider, transferred, STOLE, domain names through a Godaddy insider, and simply does not seem to adhere to the laws. However, he sure does use his blog, his law firm, his court connections, media connections, and attorneys to defame and ruin the lives of others, and you have no recourse to shut down what he says about you.

Word Press sure did pick Marc Randazza over my rights and Flat out Deleted my ENTIRE Blogs for Marc Randazza and that was a couple of years ago now.

Marc Randazza CONTROLS Rip Off Report, he got his rip off report I wrote, FULL OF TRUTH, as a former client, taken down. Ed Magedson at Rip Off Report wrote over all my 100% True Rip Off Reports and defamed me, accused me of criminal acts of which were not true and all to protect Marc Randazza because the Rip Off report was at the top of the search engines for his name.

More on Ed Magedson and Marc Randazza

I had most of the top ten for Marc Randazza's name including and he used fraud and lies to WIPO to steal domains and remove my top 10 presence, and I had no recourse. He continues to hold those domain names and redirected them to his blog post incited hate about me, lying about me and defaming me. And I have no recourse, as he filed for bankruptcy and froze the court case in time, 3.5 years now.

Another dirty trick Marc Randazza does is to create a precedent in a pro bono or small case so he can use in his bigger cases for bigger clients or for his own Free Speech suppressing tactics.

He uses a group of lawyers to create false information about cases he is in and defame litigants and affect court outcomes. Marc Randazza has done this over and over.

Attorney Marc Randazza uses the courts to harass people, create favorable outcomes and settlements in court cases, shut up woman in porn who tell on him, shut down blogs and threaten people's lives, and thus far he is still found a way to remain out of PRISON, how? Who Knows.

Marc Randazza has used my photos, my personal emails, my intellectual property of which I should have a copyright by it's very nature and he refuses to remove these things from his blogs and that of his Randazza Legal Groupie blogs, yet he wants words, Free Speech removed online because it does not flatter him? How is this man still a lawyer? How is Marc Randazza not in prison.

Marc Randazza has removed blogs with me exercising my free speech against Jennifer Randazza and himself and with NO Due Process. Wordpress, Google, WIPO, the Courts and more simply took Marc Randazza's word over mine and violated my rights removing mass online content, MY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. 

Marc Randazza defended those who misquoted me, defamed me and he himself went on NPR and flat out lied about me, a former client of which he knew was a flat out lie. Marc Randazza lied to Forbes and other large media outlets and now he want's his way on things he don't like are said or left out about him? What a Jackass.

Marc Randazza's wordpress blog uses my PRIVATE emails and that is my copyrighted material and he has refused for years to remove it. Marc Randazza a blatant asinine hypocrite.

So Now We have This:

"Embattled copyright lawyer uses DMCA to remove article about himself"

"Marc Randazza tells Wordpress that the unflattering story "is not fair use."

"Well-known copyright lawyer Marc Randazza used the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to delete an online article about a dispute between his former employer and himself.

Randazza says he sent the notice on behalf of, a porn-industry news site that he represents. Last July, Xbiz (NSFW) published an article about Randazza's legal dispute with a former employer, gay porn publisher Liberty Media. The brouhaha with Liberty Media was also featured here at Ars in a story titled "Bribery, gay porn, and copyright trolls: the rise and fall of lawyer Marc Randazza." It describes how an arbitrator found that Randazza—the Nevada lawyer once championed for helping bring down copyright troll Righthaven— solicited a bribe in a bid to settle a copyright case for Liberty. Randazza soon found himself under investigation by the State Bar of Nevada.

A blog called Fight Copyright Trolls (FCT) mentioned the arbitration award as well. The blog's owner, who goes by "SJD," also noticed that the Xbiz article had been changed—but he had kept an original copy, saved and published as a PDF file on his site. On Feb. 1 nearly seven months after the FCT blog published the Xbiz article and related commentary, SJD was on the receiving end of Randazza's copyright takedown request. The FCT blog had re-published the entire Xbiz story, and Randazza claimed that made it a piratical, infringing copy.

It was Randazza himself who was instrumental in proving that even reposting an entire article can be fair use in one of the cases where he bested Righthaven. Nevertheless, Randazza sent the DMCA notice about the FCT blog to Automattic, which owns the WordPress blogging platform. Randazza was demanding that an unflattering article about himself be wiped from the Internet—in the name of his client, Xbiz, which continues to host an almost-identical version.

The DMCA legal notice didn't lead to quick compliance, however. Instead, Randazza got into a back-and-forth about copyright law with Wordpress' "Community Guardians."

“So what's the verdict?”

"It looks like Rhett Pardon is the author of the article infringed upon, and you’re actually the subject of the article," a WordPress Community Guardian, identified in e-mails as Sal P., told Randazza. "Do you work for XBiz, and are you authorized to represent them in this way?"

Sal reminded Randazza that "all information you furnish in connection with DMCA notices (including your authorization to act on behalf of the copyright holder) is submitted under penalty of perjury."

"I may be the subject of the article, but I am also legal counsel to Xbiz," Randazza wrote in response. "Rhett Pardon is a pen name for the author, but Adnet Media d/b/a Xbiz is the copyright owner. I submit this information under penalty of perjury. If you would feel more comfortable with a declaration from the actual writer, I will get that for you."

It wasn't over yet. The next day, a WordPress employee identified as Leroy responded, asking Randazza if he had considered fair use before sending the takedown request. Leroy had noticed that there was a key difference between the current article up on Xbiz and the original Xbiz article preserved by SJD.

"As you may know, the DMCA is frequently abused by complainants who are not authorized to act on behalf of a copyright holder, but nevertheless seek to remove certain materials from the Internet on copyright grounds," Leroy wrote. "We’re very vigilant about this issue."


"As for SJD, the pseudonymous author of the Fight Copyright Trolls blog, he views the Randazza DMCA notice as an attempt to erase history.

"I felt what was going on was censorship," SJD said in an telephone interview with Ars. "The notion that I drew page views from them is so ridiculous it doesn’t pass the smell test."

The Xbiz article discusses the same Randazza employment dispute that Ars reported on in November. Liberty Media, called by its brand name Corbin Fisher in the Xbiz piece, won an award against Randazza of more than $600,000 through binding arbitration.

The arbitrator found that Randazza had improperly worked for Liberty competitors and had "successfully concluded negotiations for a bribe in the amount of $75,000." Court proceedings to finalize the award are on hold due to Randazza's declaration of bankruptcy last year. (The arbitrator did not conclude, however, that Randazza actually received the $75,000.)

As WordPress' Leroy saw, however, there's a critical difference between the article currently up at and the original, preserved one on the FCT blog. Even though the DMCA notice was dropped, SJD has removed the full PDF and updated the post with a screenshot of two paragraphs Xbiz deleted from the story it originally published."

Source and Full Marc Randazza Article, Click BELOW and Read this Full Story

Arbitration Award, Check it Out, Marc Randazza seems to have been involved in Bribery but still is not in prison hmmm..

Other Links for More on this Marc Randazza Story

Also Note I PDF articles before I post them as well, so I have that article mentioned above and I also re-posted it as it is very important to protect the public from attorney Marc Randazza. If you cannot find an article please email me at and I will send it to you.

Friday, March 25, 2016

the Washington State Department of Ecology is suppose to protect the ECOLOGY of Washington. Instead they PROTECT Corporate GREED and aid and abet TOXIC Companies such as the Port Townsend Paper Mill to POISON residents, air, soil and water.

Who does the Washington State Department of Ecology work for? Well they are PAID by YOUR Tax Dollars, but they "work for" Toxic Greedy Corporations that are Polluting your Air, Water, and Soil.

The Washington DOE Claims:

Our mission is to protect, preserve and enhance
Washington's environment, and promote the wise
management of our air, land and water.

Yet that is NOT what they REALLY Do. Instead they preserve the rights of corporate GREED to poison our water, air, soil and affect our life and health negatively.

the Washington State Department of Ecology claims; 

In order to fulfill our mission and move Washington forward
in a global economy, 
the Dept. of Ecology has three goals:
· Prevent pollution
· Clean up pollution
· Support sustainable communities and natural resources

This is NOT TRUE. The WA DOE does NOT Prevent Pollution, they don't even try and PREVENT. Instead they enable companies such as the Port Townsend Paper mill and other Toxic Corporations to SPEW pollutants into our air and to pollute our water MASSIVELY, even in times of severe drought.

State of Washington Law [WAC 173-401-600]
*(this is from Port Townsend Paper Corporation Air Operating
Permit, Facility Wide General Requirements, Issued by WA
Department of Ecology)

No. 2. Detrimental Emissions. The permitee shall not
cause or allow emission of any contaminant if it is
detrimental to the health, safety, or welfare of any
person, or causes damage to property or business.

[WAC 173-400-040(5)]

No. 6. Particulate Matter Deposition. ... No
deposition of particulate matter beyond property line
so as to interfere unreasonably with use and
enjoyment. [WAC 173-400-040(2)]

No. 7. Odors. ...Any person causing odor which may
unreasonably interfere with use & enjoyment of
property must use recognized good practice and
procedures to reduce odors to a reasonable minimum.
[WAC 173-400-040(4)]

the Washington State Department of Ecology FAILS Washington Residents and Enables Polluters, Billionaires to keep making Billions and getting your Tax Money by way of subsidies, as the POISON ever aspect of your life.

Jefferson County Health is aiding and abetting the Port Townsend Paper Mill to POISON Port Townsend. They know how many people get sick. They know the TOXINS and they cover it up for GREED, for money, for funding. ALL at the expense of YOUR quality of LIFE, your air, your water, your soil, YOUR LIFE.

RCW 70.05.060 Powers and duties of local board of health. 

Each local board of health shall have supervision over all matters pertaining to the preservation of the life and health of the people within its jurisdiction and shall: (1) Enforce through the local health officer or the administrative officer appointed under RCW 70.05.040, if any, the public health statutes of the state and rules promulgated by the state board of health and the secretary of health; ,,, (5) Provide for the prevention, control and abatement of nuisances detrimental to the public health

RCW 70.05.070 Local health officer — Powers and duties. 

The local health officer, acting under the direction of the local board of health or under direction of the administrative officer appointed under RCW 70.05.040 or 70.05.035, if any, shall: (1) Enforce the public health statutes of the state, rules of the state board of health and the secretary of health, and all local health rules, regulations and ordinances within his or her jurisdiction... (2) Take such action as is necessary to maintain health and sanitation supervision over the territory within his or her jurisdiction; ... (5) Prevent, control or abate nuisances which are detrimental to the public healt

Jefferson County Health has FAILED Jefferson County and Port Townsend and the people of Jefferson County have yet to stand up against them.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Whistle Blower Retaliation is Against the LAW.but Montana Police, Detectives, Judges, County Attorneys and the University of Montana SPECIALIZE in Targeting those who EXPOSE injustice, corruption and judicial overreach.

It is CLEARLY spelled out in Federal Whistleblower Laws and Regulations that Whistleblower Retaliation is ILLEGAL, yet the Missoula Police Department, Missoula County Attorney, the University of Montana, and Missoula and Ravalli County Judges, CLEARLY violate the rights of those blowing the whistle on judicial corruption in Montana, on Rapes, stalkers and the crimes that the police are and have committed against the citizens.

Even if you are found to be a criminal, in any way, for any reason, you can still be a whistle blower, as a matter of Law.  Yet Montana Law Enforcement takes a whistle blower, a reporter as they did me, Bill Windsor, and Michael Spreadbury, as well as Mary Deneen, and they place a protective order against them to STOP them from telling about what they know. If they do talk after this, they are threatened with Jail or actually jailed. (False Imprisonment).

If you blog about, or start an independent local newspaper about local corruption in the State of Montana, you are harassed, you are set up, you may even be killed in the back of a cop car and it's officially called a SUICIDE.  You will face economic terrorism, lose your job, end up in court for things even as small as sound pollution or any law they can find to shut you up.

The Good Cops in Montana are ran out, as they try and stand up to the rogue cops working outside the law and constitutional rights and they are retaliated against in the EXTREME.

Attorneys are afraid to represent folks like me, Michael Spreadbury, Mary Deneen, Bill Windsor and others telling the TRUTH about Montana Law Enforcement and the University of Montana, as they will lose their license to practice law, or worse, in the face of EXTREME RETALIATION. 

We have Civil Rights and a good legal case worth 100's of millions of dollars. We have a RICO case against all these Montana agencies and Federal Agencies as well as the University of Montana. The pattern and history is very clear, they do the same thing over and over. We have rights and yet no one will represent to sue these folks as they are afraid of the same EXTREME RETALIATON by Montana Law Enforcement who are puppets to much higher powers covering up corruption.

When YOUR Tax dollars are used to pay University's, Local Federal and State Law Enforcement, FBI bloggers ,and more to harass those that are actually reporting on matters of public concern then something is very WRONG and seriously corrupt.

We have a VERY Good Whistle Blower Legal actions against all Montana Entities who have used extreme retaliation to suppress our speech, chill speech and to flat out STOP the flow of information via UNCONSTITUTIONAL protective orders and EXTREME harassment, intimidation and bullying. If you are an Attorney that wishes to represent in a Whistleblower lawsuit, eMail me at 

The University of Montana, the Missoula Police Department,  Missoula County, Ravalli County, Lincoln County and more of those who have used extreme whistle blower retaliation tactics against us, have undoubtedly received federal grants, block grants, incentives, and other monies in which mean that if one TELLS ON THEM, the whistleblower can receive a percentage of the money in which these agencies misused. You can find all the money they get from the public records and file a Qui Tam legal action, as well as other Whistle Blower Retaliation Legal Action.

The University of Montana and the Missoula Police Department have, in my understanding, recieved many Homeland Security and other Federal Grants over the last 8 years in which they have retaliated against those who are exposing corruption in Montana.

It is not speculation, it is NOT conspiracy theory, it is full out 100% provable fact that I told The University of Montana, the Missoula Police Department,  and many county, state and federal officials what was happening in Montana. I was retaliated against severely and so was Michael Spreadbury, Mary Deneen and Bill Windsor. This is a fact. And still these same government entities, ON YOUR DIME, do all they can to set up, to maliciously prosecute ,to criminally defame and to flat out discredit those trying to let the public know what is really going on with their tax dollars.

This article below is interesting, wonder how many of us reporting on corruption have been on their GET A GRANT because there is an ALLEGED Hazard. I know I was on a watch list at one time and WHY? Well I reported on cops having sex with underage women to get out of a ticket, cops running drugs and protecting rapist and the SOLUTION was to get a grant and go after ME, the one blowing the whistle and trying to give victims a voice.

Group Promoting Peace and Love LABELED as Terrorists in Montana

The Missoula Police Department will withdraw a Homeland Security grant application that names the Rainbow Family as an extremist "hazard,"

File a Freedom of Information Request to the University of Montana, Homeland Security, Missoula County, the Missoula Police Department, and the Missoula County Attorney office.

File a Freedom of Information Request to see how much FEDERAL Money they get to call us anti-corruption bloggers terrorists.

I would say One should get FOI requests to the Missoula Police Department to see how many homeland security GRANTS, Federal Money, DOJ Grants, they got to harass anti-corruption bloggers and whistleblowers?  Then we can SUE them in a Qui Tam legal action.

Me reporting the TRUTH on massively corrupt, sexual deviant cops in Lincoln County Montana must have got local law enforcement all kinds of money. I know in the summer of 2009 there was a grant of around $400,000 to the Libby Law Enforcement from Homeland Security. They used it to bulk up hours and overtime, and harass those of us TELLING ON THEM.

Cops were seen running drugs, rapists were protected as they were said to be running drugs for the cops. We reached out to the highest agencies in the State of Montana we could and NO HELP was ever given to us. The Law Enforcement was and is a super power that is Above the Law in MT.

Sometimes I would call my home and get homeland security, the thing is all I was doing was trying to do is to get police to prosecute rapists. Now the DOJ investigated the University of Montana and the Missoula Police in regard to massive investigated or prosecuted rapes. The thing is they don't care about RAPE. Its all about protecting law enforcement and shutting up whistle blowers, who are often times the GOOD COPS trying to do what is right.

ALL I was doing was trying to REPORT RAPES that were not investigated in Montana and I suffered EXTREME Retaliation from Cops, Judges, County Attorneys and more in the State of Montana, as did Michael Spreadbury. Film Producer and Anti-Corruption blogger, whistle blower Bill Windsor reported our story and then he himself faced this same EXTREME Retaliation and even worse civil rights violations. All because he obeyed the LAW and told the TRUTH about what is REALLY, Truly going on in the beautiful State of Montana.

Expose Government WASTE. Get a List of Federal Grants these folks get and EXPOSE that they used the money to SILENCE anti-corruption bloggers and to RETALIATE against Whistleblowers.

Check this information out folks, Missoula Montana takes too much FEDERAL money and what do they do, they violate the rights of Montana Citizens, of rape victims and of those doing the right thing and actually reporting the TRUTH.

Below are some articles on local concern and issues with Homeland Security Grants that enable Missoula County, Missoula Police and the University of Montana to TARGET anti-corruption bloggers, to retaliate against us and to IGNORE the rights of rape and stalking victims and other major crimes in effort to cover up for ocal law enforcement and mysterious political agendas.

Public urges Missoula council to be cautious with Homeland Security grants

The Missoula Police Department and the University of Montana use FEDERAL MONEY to harass anti-corruption bloggers and to RETALIATE against Whistle Blowers. 

Who will represent us in a Qui Tam legal action 
to prove that they have misused these grants?

Police Seek DHS Grant to Deal With "Extremist" Hippy..

to find out how many times the Missoula Police have 
sought these grants to come after those of us 

who are trying to make the world a better place.

I am the GOOD GUY. Bill Windsor is the Good Guy. Michael Spreadbury is the GOOD GUY. Yet they target us, make us look the criminal in court, jail us, target us, retaliate against us, ruin our life, business, health and family and violate our human and constitutional rights, and all to protect rapists, corrupt cops, and to keep the grant money pouring on. We are the Collateral Damage, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  Tell the TRUTH. Obey the LAW.

COPS Technology and COPS Technology X2, nearly a million dollars and the Missoula Police REFUSE to actually track IP's and do anything really technical?? WOW !!
"Fund provided by the Department of Justice, COPS Office enable the Missoula Police Department to increase its effectiveness and efficient. It also enhances the technological capacity of our department to assist in problem solving and other community policing activities."

TELL the DOJ what the Missoula Police Really did with that MONEY.

Time to EXPOSE Every CENT that the Missoula Police use to SHAKE DOWN, Criminally Defame and Maliciously Prosecute whistle blowers, reporters, film producers and ant-corruption bloggers.

FOI Request on EVERY Single Grant that the Missoula Police Department Got and what they REALLY Did with it.

Get a List of All Federal Block Grants used to FUND the Missoula Police and the University of Montana as the RETALIATE against whistle blowers.

The Missoula Police Department gets Department of Justice Grants to VIOLATE the rights of victims of real crimes
 in Missoula Montana. 

The Rainbow Gather was a HUGE Media Storm for the Missoula Police Department as was the maswsive uninvestigated RAPES on the University of Montana Campus. However it is time to research all DOJ funding to the Missoula police and ALL Missoula Police Department Homeland Security Grants and what they were actually used for.

MisUSE of Department of Justice GRANTS is a Public Issue

Whistle Blower Information

A Bit on Whistle Blower Settlement


A Bit about Whistle Blower Retaliation

"Protected whistleblowing is defined as disclosing information
that the discloser reasonably believes evidences:

1. a violation of law, rule, or regulation;
2. gross mismanagement;
3. gross waste of funds;
4. an abuse of authority; or
5. a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety.

"If you believe that you have been subject to retaliation for protected
whistleblowing you can file a complaint with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel
(OSC). OSC is an independent agency that investigates and prosecutes allegations
of prohibited personnel practices (PPP) by federal employees."

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Whistle Blower Protection Act